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Excavator Attachment. XHand Inc is an industry innovator with Multi-Function excavator attachments. Equipment used for construction, pipelines, demolition, forestry, land clearing, and more.
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Dean Perrey

Director, Business Development

Dean’s career began in commercial real estate which led him to the leasing & finance industry. He specialized in heavy equipment financing for 10 years as an Account Manager. In 2012, his entrepreneurial drive led him to Lea Sirr, the inventor of the XHAND. Since that initial meeting, Dean has led X Hand Inc. through several prototypes and engineering improvements while building the business infrastructure to bring the XHand to market. Dean also serves as President of the company.

Rob Cousin

Director, Operations

Having majored in Human Resources at the University of Saskatchewan in 2001, Rob started his working career in Accounting before moving on to the HR field. Since then, he has managed HR teams while handling all department functions including Recruitment, Compensation, Succession Planning and Engagement. He has worked and volunteered in industries ranging from Agricultural Lending to Sport Marketing. These ventures have allowed him to live in cities across Canada and explore different regions of the world. As the Operations Director with XHAND, he leads the Marketing, HR, and IT functions.

Jeremy Lee, CA, CPA

Director, Finance

Jeremy obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 2000. While he specialized in Tax early in his career, his expertise also includes financial reporting, controlling and creating company efficiencies, directing growth, and managing the various finance functions of domestic and international business. Jeremy has worked with several companies through their growth and development phases helping them achieve long term success.

Ryan Bailey

Mechanical Engineer, P.Eng

Ryan is a Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in mobile and stationary equipment design. Ryan is a licensed Professional Engineer in Alberta and Saskatchewan. He specializes in Finite Element Analysis, designing and optimizing manufacturing processes. Ryan is the owner of a Calgary based consulting company, Alstran Corporation.